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Vic's Heating and Air Conditioning started with Vic (Victor); a long time servicing technician who has been working for over 30 years helping many families keep warm during cold winter nights and cool during dreadful heatwaves. His son Eric has been working along side him as a technician for over 20 years now and just like his father, he too works hard to keep families comfortable in their own homes. Our technicians often work in below freezing temps and in heatwaves, rain or shine. For them no job is too big or too small. From then to now, at Vic's we always take pride in our work and our customer service!


At Vic's HVAC we are always learning about new technologies in the field so that we can offer our customers the best services at fair prices. We pride ourselves on Efficiency, Professionalism, and Reliability. 

Servicing area includes Chicago and surrounding suburbs!

Our Small Local Business

Our happy HVAC Technician Eric ready to make the repair!
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