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Water Heaters

The average hot water heater accounts for 25% of the home's total energy use. There are various types available but the most common is the storage type water heater. This is where a tank of water is heated by a built in burner or electric element to a set temperature and maintained at that temperature until hot water is required at a tap. There are also tank-less water heaters that can be more efficient in the long run but are also much more costly. Whatever water heater issues or questions you may have - VIC'S can help! Services provided may include draining the water heater, getting rid of sediment build up, fixing water temperature issues, resolving loud unnatural noises, replacement parts, annual maintenance, repairs, and new water heater installations.

Leaking Tank?

The big exception and one of the worst water heater problems you can run into is a leaking tank. Unfortunately, once that happens, that tank is done and you will need to replace it. There are no fixes for a leaking water heater.  If this happens to you CALL US FOR A QUOTE on a new water heater. 



"Our brand of choice for water heaters is Bradford White because they are reliable, efficient, and come with a standard 6 year warranty at no additional cost." 

Need New Water Heater or Repair?

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